Join our School, Join our Community

When you join Kents Hill Park School, you don’t just join a school, you become part of a supportive and innovative community.

As an ‘all-through’ school that opened in September 2018, with 750 pupils in our Secondary phase and 330 in our Primary phase; we are in the enviable position of being able to know all of our pupils and staff really well, providing fantastic opportunities at every stage.

We have a really clear vision and are ambitious in everything we do. The ‘all-through’ nature of our school sets us apart and provides a huge range of exciting opportunities.

Our Recruitment

The right attitude and ethos are more important than vast experience. 

Our ethos is based around traditional values and high expectations of behaviour and care, the staff that join us all share these beliefs.

 We are looking for committed and enthusiastic staff to help shape the future of our pupils and the strategic direction of the school. All of our roles offer the chance to work across all phases of the school, providing career development well beyond a single phase.

We strive to develop Confident, Independent and Forward-Thinking pupils at every stage of their education, from EYFS to KS4, and the same is true for every one of our staff.

As part of Kingsbridge Educational Trust, Kents Hill Park School belongs to a group of well-established, high-performing and successful schools, where providing the very best in teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do. The ‘all-through’ model allows us to do that for every pupil at each stage of their education.

Staff Testimonials

Working at Kents Hill Park is wonderful! The support you receive is second to none. The confidence and trust that Senior Leadership Team have in you, allows you to flourish and become an expert in the classroom.

Having been here since day one, I can safely say that coming to work is an absolute pleasure and joy.

A supportive, professional and friendly environment. Staff are listened to and appreciated, and staff and pupil wellbeing is a priority. 

There is excellent collaboration and communication between departments, Senior Leadership Team and other schools, as well as strong Open University and outside agency links, which strengthens our curriculum.

Come and join our wonderful school. I have been here nearly a year and I have loved every minute! It’s great to be part of a collaborative & helpful team.

In addition, it is amazing to work in a school with supportive Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Department, friendly staff and wonderful pupils!

I love working at Kents Hill Park and have never worked somewhere where the staff members are supported and appreciated as much!

I am proud to be part of the Kents Hill Park team because even when the times are tough Kents Hill Park continue to work hard and have the children’s well-being and education at heart.

I like working at Kents Hill Park as it has an outstanding Senior Leadership Team, who support you in every way possible.

Furthermore, I like working at Kents Hill Park as the bonds between staff are strong – its like a family unit!

Kents Hill Park is a wonderful school to work in, the atmosphere is constantly positive and you are surrounded by what feels like a real community.

The support from other staff is amazing and it is very clear that the needs of both student and staff have been considered carefully.

The staff are very friendly and the children are well behaved as there are clear and consistent routines right across the school. 

The Senior Leadership Team are conscious of teacher workload and understand that having happy teachers leads to better outcomes for the children!

Kents Hill Park is the best working environment and I highly recommend it. Staff are respectful, kind, helpful, professional and all support each other which creates a strong team around you.

We all work very hard all of the time; the atmosphere is one of humour, support, respect and kindness. Pupils and staff are encouraged and supported to be their best.