House System

At KHP we have a house system to promote a sense of community and family atmosphere across our whole school for pupils and staff. All pupils and staff are assigned to a house when joining KHP. We believe that our Houses give our pupils the chance to develop personal and social skills outside of the classroom, in turn preparing them for the realities of the world beyond education. In addition to this, the opportunities for student responsibility, leadership skills and collaboration are available throughout the school year, promoting the education of the whole person with an understanding of acceptance, equality and kindness.

Our House system forms a focus for our community encompassing academic, sport, community and leadership qualities within our school. Each House has special links to our immediate environment: Milton Keynes, enhancing our sense of belonging within our community.


Origin: Robert Keonig- British sculptor who created the ‘Boy and Girl’ sculpture close to our school upon which our logo is based
Colour: Red
Qualities: Engagement, ambition, unity


Origin: Florence Nightingale- known for improving nursing and hospital standards, Florence was based at Claydon House in Buckinghamshire after 1861
Colour: Yellow
Qualities: Teamwork, inclusion, kindness


Origin: Alan Turing- worked in Bletchley Park during World War II and is renowned for his role as a code breaker
Colour: Green
Qualities: Chivalry, determination, perseverance


Origin: Derek Walker- chief architect and planner of Milton Keynes, who created the community we live in today
Colour: Blue
Qualities: Competitiveness, community, collaboration

House leaders are appointed to the House committee through an application process. House leaders have regular meetings, deliver House assemblies, work with all parts of our community striving to ensure that our House system is the beating heart of our school. They also represent our school at events such as: open evenings, Remembrance Day events and MK Foodbank deliveries.

Each house chooses a local charity to support and throughout the year charity events are held in order to benefit our local community. Events include our very popular Break the Rules Day, KHPalentines and House Coin Trail. Throughout the year, house competitions are run from photography competitions to spelling bees to quizzes. The possibilities are endless, and we encourage everyone in our community to share ideas for house events. Our first house event of the year begins with our House Tug of War, which provides a great teamwork opportunity for those taking part and a great cheering opportunity for those supporting their teams. Every week we have a House Challenge lunchtime. This is where our pupils can compete in individual and team challenges to earn points for their houses. The house leaders also run House Games each lunchtime where pupils are able to play a range of games, such as Connect 4, Geistes Blitz and Kluster, with their friends and earn house points and have lots of fun at the same time.

Each lesson positives are awarded for those pupils displaying our expectations and these are totalled and turned into House Points each week. Sparx points, earned through maths homework, are also converted to House Points. Competitions result in ranking of the houses and again earning house points. These are totalled weekly and communicated to the pupils and staff through weekly bulletins. Each half term the House Cup winner is announced and presented with the cup in their house colours. At the end of the year the points are totalled and the winning team is commemorated on our House Board. There are other opportunities to win House cups throughout the year at events including debates, quizzes and our annual tug of war event.