Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was set up in 1956 and provides young people aged 14-24 the opportunity to complete different activities, including learning new skills and developing physical abilities. It also allows young people to participate in expeditions with friends and learn vital survival skills. The four sections that are completed in the Award are:

1. Physical

2. Skill

3. Volunteering

4. Expedition

This is a prestigious award scheme for your son/daughter to partake in, as they work towards gaining experience including leadership, problem solving, life and team skills as well as confidence building – all of which are transferable to their school, and eventually work and life. It is a highly respected achievement and is looked upon favourably by future employers.


Bronze Training: Sat 20 th April – Sun 21 st April, South Milton Keynes based

Bronze Assessed: Sat 18 th May – Sun 19 th May, North Milton Keynes / Northamptonshire based

Silver Training: Fri 7 th June – Sun 9 th June, Chiltern Hills based

Silver Assessed: Thur 4 th July – Sun 7 th July, Peak District based.

Important documents:

Parent Information 

Programme Ideas Physical

Activity Log Physical

Programme Ideas Skills 

Activity Log Skills

Programme Ideas Volunteering

Activity Log Volunteering

Duke of Edinburgh Award FAQ’s

1. What kit is needed?

Please refer to the kit list in the ‘Important Documents’ section.

2. What activities can be completed in the three sections (volunteering, skill, physical)?

There is a wide variety. In the ‘Important Documents’ section you will find a comprehensive list that the DofE approve of.

3. How long does it take to complete the different sections for Bronze?

Volunteering, physical and skill are three months for each and then an additional three months in one of these areas.

4. Will everyone who signs up for DofE be able to go on the assessed expedition?

All pupils who sign up for Bronze DofE are invited to take part in the training expedition. Only those who pass the training expedition, have completed two of the three sections and show exemplary behaviour within school will be invited to take part in the assessed expedition.

For further information, please email:  dofe@kentshillpark.school