In Year Admissions: 2021-22

In year admissions refer to applications made at any other time after the initial September entry into Year R, 3 or Year 7.

Parents/Carers should be aware that Kents Hill Park School is an oversubscribed school with more applicants than places available. Please note that when a place does become available it is allocated strictly in accordance with the school’s admissions criteria. Applications for an in year admission should be made on the Kents Hill Park application form. Please select the relevant form below:

In light of current situation with Covid-19, the ‘Current School’ page does not need to be completed as part of the initial application. We may ask for it to be completed and submitted at a later date.

To complete on a phone/tablet/computer, you will need to save it on to the device, complete the form and then save the completed form. The form may then be emailed as an attachment with supporting documents to:

Applications and Appeals are not processed during the holidays.