Year 5 Curriculum


Our exciting topic this half-term is Space. We will be learning about some of the most important Space explorations such as the Apollo Moon Landings, and influential astronomers like Copernicus and Galileo. We will also learn what days and years actually are, why we have seasons and why the moon appears to change shape. In English, we will write about Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. This half-term’s Super Start and Marvellous Middle will be completed at home and involve the children researching and creatively representing our solar system (see homework sheet). For the Fabulous Finish, the children will learn about constellations, star signs and what astrologers believe about them.

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Excellent manners are extremely important. Each week we will focus on strengthening a different social skill.

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Our Topics This Year

Autumn 1 – Anglo Saxons, Scots and Vikings

Autumn 2 – World War One

Spring 1 – Space

Spring 2 and Summer 1 – South America and The Ancient Maya

Summer 2 – Rivers and Coasts