You can read our Uniform Policy on our Policies page.

Pre-Loved Uniform

Thanks to the many generous donations of uniform we receive, we have a selection of pre-loved uniform available for pupils. 

If you would like to request any pre-loved uniform, please email  primary@kentshillpark.school detailing the items and sizes you require.

If you have any spare uniform which would be suitable for our pre-loved uniform provision, please hand it in to our main office. 

Milton Keynes Council Household Support Fund

Milton Keynes Council manage several schemes aimed at supporting residents with low incomes. These schemes are to help ease the financial pressure they may face this spring / summer. The Governments Household Support Fund will provide additional funding, alongside specific funding from the Council to help residents who are in financial difficulties and struggling to meet the cost of essential items including:


Energy and water bills

Repair or purchase of essential household appliances

Servicing and repair of heating systems

School uniform or other essential clothing

Other essential living costs

You can find more information  here