Milton Keynes Behaviour Charter

As a collective of schools across Milton Keynes we believe that every child deserves the right to a good education. For us to achieve this it is imperative that schools, parents and pupils all work together to ensure positive outcomes. All schools in Milton Keynes firmly believe in this Behaviour Charter and will collaboratively work alongside other schools, parents, and pupils to best support the young people of Milton Keynes.

We believe that:

  • All pupils should feel safe, physically and emotionally, in their school;
  • All pupils should feel welcome in their school;
  • All pupils should feel able to thrive in their environment.

To achieve this the charter expects that:

  • All pupils, parents and staff should treat everyone in the school with respect, tolerance and kindness;
  • All pupils, staff and parents should know, understand, and adhere to their school values and rules;
  • All pupils should follow the behaviour policy in force in their school with positive intention;
  • All pupils should try, at all times, to be the best that they can be and should acknowledge, and take responsibility for their actions, when something has gone wrong;
  • All parents/carers should support and work with the school to encourage their child/ren to adhere to their school’s behaviour policy and this Charter.

Milton Keynes’ schools believe that all pupils deserve a disruption free learning environment. Schools and the professionals within them will not tolerate behaviour that goes against the aims of this Behaviour Charter.  Poor behaviour within Milton Keynes schools may include, but is not limited to:

  • Rudeness and defiance;
  • Truancy;
  • Persistent disruptive behaviour;
  • Intimidating, threatening and physical behaviours to both peers and staff;
  • Bullying (all schools have agreed to the Anti-Bullying alliance definition of bullying).

We encourage all parents to engage fully with the school if they are concerned about any aspect of their child’s experience at school. Every school has a complaints policy which should be used to its full capacity before any other action is taken by parents. 

All schools in Milton Keynes will have their own policies which staff, parents and pupils adhere to. As professionals we will deploy a number of different strategies to support and promote positive behaviours whilst still holding the Milton Keynes Behaviour Charter at the forefront of our collective aims.

Our clear purpose is to make a long-lasting difference to young people of Milton Keynes. We will work with parents and pupils to achieve the best academic outcomes as well as guiding and supporting them to becoming happy, productive, and successful members of society.