Year 4 Curriculum

Groovy Greeks

Our exciting year of learning will commence with a Super Start inspired by Maz Evans’ ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’ We will travel back in time as historians, on a quest for knowledge to discover what life was like in Ancient Greece. We will explore their religious and political beliefs, whilst enjoying a colourful collection of Greek myths. For our Marvellous Middle, children will enjoy a particularly creative craft session, before we bring the topic to a close with a Fabulous Finish related to the Greek Olympics.

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Manners Curriculum

Excellent manners are extremely important. Each week we will focus on strengthening a different social skill.

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Our Topics This Year

Autumn 1 – Groovy Greeks

Autumn 2 – Tour of Britain

Spring 1 – Humans vs. Nature – who is stronger?

Spring 2 and Summer 1 – Romans

Summer 2 – Amazing Americas!