We are fast approaching the end of an incredible half-term in the history of Kents Hill Park School. It is hard to believe that only a few weeks ago we were excitedly awaiting the very first pupils through the doors to begin their journey, but it already feels as though we have come so far and achieved so much.

Our systems and structures are working effectively to help support each and every student to work hard and be ambitious for themselves and others. The trip to Caldecotte activity centre really helped bond the forms and year groups together – there were some fantastic moments.


The pupils are working extremely hard in their lessons and are responding well to the guidance and expectations we have set for them. They all look very impressive in their uniform, and I have had many comments from members of the public on how smart and polite they are.

Lots of extra-curricular clubs have already started and we have begun a really busy fixture list for the year, absolutely wiping the floor with our opponents in our first badminton fixture. The library is very well used every lunch time for reading, homework and coding on the computers and more and more clubs and catch up sessions are being rolled out every week. Additional music lessons will begin after half term. The piano in the dining hall is being used regularly and is already central to our ethos.

We have already begun the recruitment process for next year’s Year 7s and the staff that will teach them, and our Open Evening a few weeks ago was extremely well attended.

As the first half term comes to a close, I think you will agree that one of the biggest successes of the school has been in developing a strong identity and community. Our communal lunches where we all eat together, share experiences and take an interest in each other has been a huge factor in helping the children to settle so quickly and enjoy their time at school (as well as getting rid of distracting electronics).

As we develop and grow there will be many elements that we may wish to change and adapt. I would also like to draw your attention to a few points that will help support us in this:

  • We have an extremely large car park and there are plenty of parking spaces. The children are quite capable of walking a few extra yards to get into or out of your car. Additionally, please avoid from parking in the disabled bays. Please set the example to them as adults and park correctly and refrain from using your horns – we are all busy, but a few extra seconds won’t hurt if it means we can all get to and from school safely.
  • It is great to see so many pupils cycling to school, however, we would insist that all pupils who are cycling should wear a helmet. It is something that could save their life.
  • Punctuality is very important. Registration begins at 8.30am and all students should be on site by that time. There may always be the odd occasion where life gets in the way, but it is important that good habits of punctuality are developed quickly and no time is missed in their learning.

We still have much to do and we all value your opinions and thoughts at Kents Hill Park School. To that end, I have set up an email address for you to feedback any thoughts, questions or queries you may have on any aspect of the school’s development. The email address is – feedback@kentshillpark.school. We would be pleased to hear from you. We are also including a link to a short survey that will help us identify how well your son or daughter has settled.

There will be a chance to meet your son’s or daughter’s form tutors on Wednesday 14th November, where you can discuss how they have settled.

Lastly, we would all like to wish you and the children a well-deserved and restful half term and look forward to another exciting period in the growth of this fantastic school.

James Pilgrim