Mrs Susanne Haines

Head of English, Head of Year 9

From September, I will be in my sixth year of teaching. Kents Hill Park will be my third school since starting my career and I am extremely excited to get started.

So far in my career, I have been a classroom teacher and more recently, Head of KS3 in a local school. I am now eager to get started creating an engaging and exciting curriculum in my new role as Head of English.

Prior to teaching English, I studied a degree in the Performing Arts and I try to bring a lot of that creativity to my performance in the classroom. I chose to teach English to help spread and promote a passion and enjoyment of the subject; discovering new texts and immersing ourselves in the words we read.

Kents Hill Park has provided me with a fantastic opportunity. It gives me a chance to be part of something new and exciting and I will be able to create something incredible for the students. To be a part of the school from its infancy is something I am already extremely proud of and I look forward to meeting all of the students in our first cohort.

When I am not at school, I enjoy exercising and I spend a lot of my time in classes at the gym.