Miss Sarah Potter

Teacher of English

I am very proud to be an addition to the Kents Hill Park English Department. I decided to be an English teacher because I wanted to give everybody the opportunity to learn and progress whether it was with their academic knowledge, social skills or life lessons. I have previous experience teaching English in another school, working and teaching students with SEN, being a learning support assistant, a nanny and a dental nurse. I did my degree with the Open University while working at the same time. I am a proud dyslexic and dyspraxic who aims to prove that English and Dyslexia can go together. My favourite area of English is creative writing – the more imaginative and wacky the better!

In my spare time, I read dystopia, crime and conspiracy novels. I also like to cook, socialise with friends and family, watch films, watch sport, and explore new places.

I am looking forward to joining the Kents Hill Park team and teaching English as I absolutely love it! I am looking forward to many years at Kent Hill Park.