We are very pleased to confirm that the newly named canteen at our Secondary school, now known as ‘The Quad’, will be preparing lunches for our pupils as of 5th October 2020.

Click here to view guidance on managing your Tucasi/SCOPAY account.

Once you have registered, you will be able to top-up/make payments into your child’s cafeteria balance using the Tucasi/SCOPAY system. As a cash free school, this is how we collect all payments due into school for equipment or events etc.

Pupils are required to pre-order their meal choices at least one day in advance, using a mobile phone application called ‘Fusion Mobile’ that they will need to download onto their phones. This application is suitable for all smartphones and tablets.

Click here for the QR code to find the app, plus details on how to register.

If pupils do not have their own phone or tablet, parents can download onto their device on the pupils’ behalf.

Pupils can check their balances and upcoming meal selections, as well as pre-ordering using the app.

Pupils will need to continue to bring break snacks and water into school every day.

It is essential that pupil accounts are topped up on the Tucasi/SCOPAY system with enough credit to allow them to place their pre-order.



Secondary School Meal Systems

ScoPay Quick Reference Guide



Innovate Allergen Matrix

Medical Diet Policy and Procedures

Medical Diet Communication to Parents

Medical Diet Request Form – email to pupilservices@kentshillpark.school


What is the new process?

Parents top-up the pupils accounts using their Tucasi/SCOPAY accounts. An average meal costs around £2.75 per day, this varies depending on meal choices.

Pupils then pre-order their lunches, up to six days in advance, using the ‘Fusion Mobile’ pre-order app.

It is essential that pupils order their meals at least one day in advance when they are at home, as they will not be able to access their phones to complete orders when they are in school.

Weekly menu’s will be available to view and order for the following week every Saturday. Pre-ordering can be a helpful way of ensuring pupils have ordered the food they need for the week, and help families plan for any packed lunches that may be needed.

Pupils will sit in their year group lunch time areas and collect their labelled lunch order from a designated year group collection point.


Free School Meals

If your child is eligible for free school meals, they will download and pre-order on the app in the same way as detailed above.

Free School Meal orders have an allocated cost of £2.75 per day.



If your child has any allergies, please ensure they pre-order appropriate meals.

Please inform the school of all allergies for our records and complete and return the caterers’ medical diet form by email to (pupilservices@kentshillpark.school).


We hope the app is easy to use, if you have any issues please visit https://connect.crbcunninghams.co.uk/help for a range of support articles to help you.

If you continue to have any issues, please email all the details to secondary@kentshillpark.school and we will resolve them with the provider and get back to you as soon as we can.


We hope pupils will enjoy their new catering experience.