This year we are unable to host a traditional sports day, so we have decided to do something a little different. We are pleased to announce that this coming week we are hosting our Primary Virtual Sports Week.

We have created a number of activities that can be completed at home with limited space and equipment and would love for as many pupils to get involved as possible. The activity cards can be accessed above.

Pupils will have until 3:00pm on Tuesday 14th July 2020 to practise and submit their final scores using the links provided on each activity card. Pupils can complete as many activities as they would like. We would love if all pupils could aim to complete at least one activity each.

Once their scores have been submitted, they will be entered into the Primary Virtual Sports Week competition and there will be 2 winners for each activity, one from each year group.

We are very excited for our pupils to get involved with this and look forward to seeing their efforts.

Happy Virtual Sports Week everyone and good luck!

Many Thanks,

Miss Humphrey

Teacher of PE