Physical Education at KHP allows pupils the chance to develop complex physical and social skills through a broad and challenging curriculum. We pride ourselves on developing confidence, respect and team cohesion through a range of different activities such as leadership. We strive to instil a love for physical activity and sport into all of our pupils and and hope that each and every pupil understands the importance and continues to engage in a healthy active lifestyle once they leave us.

Staff and Facilities

Mr Baxter, our Head of PE, specialises in Rugby and has over 12 years experience teaching PE. He has been at KHP since its opening in 2018 and has worked to make the provision for sport and physical activity at our school outstanding.

Miss Humphrey specialises in Netball, is a keen cyclist and regularly participates in sports for charity. She started her teaching career at KHP in 2018 and has been a key member of the PE department, helping to develop the curriculum content and extra-curricular provision.

Miss Aldred joined us in 2020 and specialises in Futsal. She is a professional Freestyle Kayaker and also plays Futsal professionally. Her fantastic ideas and commitment to delivering the best possible provision to all pupils are an asset to the PE team.


Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs

At KHP we have wide variety of sports clubs on offer, we urge all pupils to come along and try out a club whether it be for recreational purposes or with a view to playing competitively. Our sports clubs are well attended and provide pupils with the opportunity to further develop their skills.


We are part of the MK schools league for many sports and also the County Cup for Football. This gives our pupils the opportunity to further develop their skills and represent the school in a competitive fixture against another school. Fixtures also help to instil sportspersonship and key values such as respect, team work and discipline into our pupils.


Pupils have the opportunity to engage in Sports Leadership, where they support and lead activities for younger pupils. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop key skills and qualities such as confidence, creativity and independence.


Year 7 Curriculum

For each sport or activity in each half term the main focus will be the acquisition of key skills and knowledge to enable pupils to apply these into game or real life situations. Pupils will practice the key skills and apply them into the next stages to improve their overall performance. Pupils will engage in sports such as, football, netball, rugby, athletics, rounders and basketball.

Year 8 Curriculum

For any new sports, the focus will be the same as in year 7. For existing sports pupils will be expected to learn more advanced skills, tactics, rules and regulations. They will also be expected to have a much higher performance level in competitive situations and start to develop individual and team tactics.

Pupils will engage in sports such as, hockey, netball, rugby, athletics, cricket and basketball.

Year 9 Curriculum

For any new sports, the focus will be the same as in year 7 or 8. There will be focus on captaincy, coaching and managing teams and/or players. Pupils will review performances and implement change to show improvement. They will also be expected to officiate regularly and review their own performances as an official. There will be an added focus on leadership and the development of qualities that make up a great leader.

GCSE Physical Education

During Key Stage 4 pupils who choose Physical Education (PE) as an option will study either the OCR Cambridge Nationals Sport Studies or the AQA GCSE PE course, in addition to core PE. Both courses offer pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of theory based PE as well as developing various practical elements.

The pupils will study a number of theory topics such as, the human body and sport and the media. Pupils will also develop their practical skills in preparation for practical assessments. Theoretical and practical assessments will be integrated into both year 10 and 11, with coursework and written examinations during the year.